Wonder Red Activities

Day 2 of the camp week features Wonder Red with “Word Power!” Wonder Red activities focus on rhyming and word families, which helps kids hear the sounds in words, a foundation for building early reading skills.

Wonder Red’s Tisket-A-Tasket Let’s Make a Basket Craft Activity (Week 1)
Campers build familiarity with words in the –ALL family by using cut-out letters to make rhyming words (BALL, TALL, WALL) on a felt “picnic blanket.” Then they decorate a picnic basket to store their blanket and letters in.
  • Tisket-A-Tasket Let’s Make a Basket Craft Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Word Charades Game (Week 1)
Campers take turns acting out an –ALL word; fellow campers guess which word is being performed.
  • Word Charades Game (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Freeze Dance Rhyming Game (Week 1)
Everyone dances to music, freezing only when an –ALL family word is called out. Then campers search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.

Wonder Red’s Bake a Fake “ake” Cake Craft Activity (Week 2)
Campers make a special cake decorated with paper candles that reinforce –ake family words.
  • Bake a Fake “ake” Cake Craft Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Pass the Pepper Game (Week 2)
Campers pass around a “hot” pepper. When the music stops, the camper with the pepper has to read an–ake family word.
  • Pass the Pepper Game (PDF)

Wonder Red’s All Across the –ake Lake (Week 2)
Campers use –ake word cards to cross a lake so they can bring a healthy snack to the witch.
  • All Across the –ake Lake Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Fun With Mr. Sun (Week 3)
Campers make a list of words that rhyme with “sun”, that they then use to decorate paper suns.
  • Fun With Mr. Sun craft activity (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Word Friends Theater (Week 3)
Campers wear letters and form pairs to make various –UN words.
  • Word Friends Theater Game (PDF)

Wonder Red’s Wonderiffic –un Run and Finding Super Letters (Week 3)
In the style of “Duck, Duck, Goose”, a camper walks around a circle tapping fellow campers until selecting one to read an –UN word.
  • Wonder Red’s Wonderiffic –un Run activity (PDF)

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