Super Why Activities

Day 4 of the camp week features Super Why with the “Power to Read!” Super Why activities focus on vocabulary and comprehension, cornerstones for becoming an effective, thoughtful reader.

Super Why’s Draw Your Own Adventure Craft Activity (Week 1)
Campers draw pictures and create a story.
  • Draw Your Own Adventure Craft Activity (PDF)

Super Why’s Pin the Tail on the Word Game (Week 1)
Campers complete sentences by choosing words to fill in the blanks. Then they act out the sentence to show how changing a word changes the meaning of the sentence.
  • Pin the Tail on the Word Game (PDF)

Super Why’s Super Why Opposite Relay and Finding Super Letters (Week 1)
In this literacy-based relay race, campers must “zap” opposite words before passing the Why Writer to the next player.
  • Opposite Relay and Finding Super Letters Activity (PDF)

Super Why’s Healthy House Craft Activity (Week 2)
Just like Super Why, campers change a phrase from a sentence in the story to make the witch’s house healthier.
  • Healthy House Craft Activity (PDF)

Super Why’s “Be” Healthy Game (Week 2)
Campers take turns describing a selected word, while their fellow campers try to guess what the word is.
  • “Be” Healthy Game (PDF)

Super Why’s Musical Chairs (Week 2)
Campers play musical chairs with a twist—they practice literacy skills by reading the words taped to the chairs they sit on. As words, not chairs, get taken away, campers fill in the blanks.

Super Why’s Postcards (Week 3)
Campers fill in the blanks to complete sentences on printed post cards.
  • Postcards Craft Activity (PDF)

Super Why’s Woofster Words (Week 3)
Campers use given definitions to use to make their own picture dictionaries.
  • Woofster Words Game (PDF)

Super Why’s Powerful Props (Week 3)
Campers select props and decide which best fills in the blank in a sentence about the Around the World Adventure. They then search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.
  • Powerful Props activity (PDF)

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