Princess Presto Activities

Day 3 of the camp week features Princess Presto with “Spelling Power!” Princess Presto activities focus on letter sounds and spelling. These activities help children to sound out letters and put them together to form words (encoding).

Princess Presto’s Grow A Letter! Craft Activity (Week 1)
Practicing the association between letters and the sounds they make, campers make letter flowers and “plant” them in a flowerpot when the teacher says the letter sound associated with a given letter.
  • Grow A Letter Craft Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Princess Letter Sounds Basketball Game (Week 1)
When the teacher makes a letter sound, campers find the paper with the matching letter, crumple it into a ball and shoot it into a trash can, reinforcing the association between sounds and letters.
  • Letter Sounds Basketball Game (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Princess-cise Encoding Activity (Week 1)
Campers combine movement with practicing letters/sounds associations, and identifying words that start with certain letters.
  • Princess-cise Encoding Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Puzzling Carrot Bookmark Craft Activity (Week 2)
Practicing the association between letters and the sounds they make, campers put together puzzles pieces to spell the word “carrot.” They then make a bookmark from the completed puzzle.
  • Puzzling Carrot Bookmark Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Pin the Princess on the Letter Game
In this “Pin the tail on the donkey” variation, after hearing a letter sound, campers take turns pinning a picture of Princess Presto to the letter that makes the sound.
  • Pin the Princess on the Letter Game (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Princess Ping Pong Pitch Game (Week 2)
Campers practice letters/sounds associations by tossing lettered ping-pong balls into marked containers.

Princess Presto’s Sun and Sand (Week 3)
Campers make sun-catchers from construction and contact paper. Then, as letters are called out, they write the letters in the sand.
  • Sun and Sand Craft Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto’s Presto! (Week 3)
In this BINGO variation, campers start with a board covered with letters. When a letter is called, they take it off their boards. The first camper with a row of cleared letters wins!
  • PRESTO! Game (PDF)

Princess Presto’s All Aboard the Letter-Sound Train (Week 3)
Campers line up to form a train that’s touring through the continents. Along the way, they call out words that begin with a selected letter.
  • All Aboard the Letter-Sound Train activity (PDF)

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