Speak Out


SPEAK OUT was created through a partnership between PBS KIDS and the National Black Programming Consortium's New Media Institute. NBPC's NMI is a unique professional development virtual workshop series, new media production, and conference focused on training minority television and film producers so they are prepared to work seamlessly within new and innovative platforms.

National Black Programming Consortium

  • Denise Greene, Director New Media Institute
  • Michelle Halsell, Producer

New Media Institute Participants:

  • Michelle Garcia, Co-Producer
  • Allison Caviness, Co-Producer
  • Travers Johnson, Co-Producer


  • Nina Walia, Executive Producer
  • Scott Cummings, Assistant Producer
  • Malcolm Jones, Senior Designer & Flash Developer
  • Jamie Gergen, Senior Programmer & Database Developer

With major support provided by:

  • Sara DeWitt, Senior Director PBS KIDS Interactive
  • Haydee M. Rodriguez, J.D., Director PBS Diversity Initiative