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  Encouraging Creativity

How People Make Crayons

A favorite factory tour, How People Make Crayons, is featured in this classic episode. In Make- Believe, King Friday decides to have a "Draw the Neighborhood" contest and Lady Elaine Fairchilde decides she will be the winner.

A Visit with Wynton Marsalis

Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis visits and joins the Neighborhood trio and Joe Negri in playing some jazz. It’s nighttime in Make-Believe and the neighbors are looking for King Friday’s comet. Henrietta is sad because she thinks her friends have forgotten her birthday.

A Visit to an Art Museum
Mister Rogers takes a field trip to an art museum to see and learn about some of the different paintings there. In Make-Believe, Henrietta Pussycat is feeling jealous when she thinks that X the Owl is no longer her best friend.

Appreciating Art
The Spanish Singing Bakers Visit
Mister Rogers encourages children to express their individuality through art. He shows artwork by Picasso and hears the spirited folk music of the Spanish Singing Bakers who combine guitars, rhythm instruments and the Spanish language in their performance. In Make-Believe, King Friday insists that everyone make a portrait of him.

Meet John Costa

Mister Rogers introduces the people who make the music on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: pianist John Costa, percussionist Bob Rawsthorne, and bassist Carl McVicker. In Make-Believe, King Friday commands that all the neighbors celebrate a "Bass Violin Festival."

Appreciating Art
Making Pots with a Potter

Mister Rogers works with play clay and visits with potter Bill Strickland at the neighborhood art center where they work together at the potter's wheel. In Make-Believe, an angry Lady Elaine uses her boomerang magic to cover all the portraits with play clay.

Yo-Yo Ma Visits

World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma visits Mister Rogers and plays music that expresses all kinds of feelings. In Make-Believe, the neighbors are preparing for a "Bass Violin Festival." A factory tour shows how people make bass violins.
Be Yourself
Fun with The Flying Karamazov Brothers

Mister Rogers visits with The Flying Karamazov Brothers, and he learns to juggle scarves. There's a How People Make Things visit to a macaroni factory, and in Make Believe, X the Owl is giving free flying lessons to his friends and neighbors.

A Hand Clapping Game with Ella Jenkins

Folksinger Ella Jenkins teaches Mister Rogers the "Head and Shoulders" song. Children see it can be hard to learn new things, even for grown-ups. In Make-Believe, the neighbors are each finding their own way to be part of King Friday's "Bass Violin Festival."

A Visit with the Dance Theatre of Harlem
Mister Rogers visits the Dance Theatre of Harlem and sees how it takes discipline and practice to do things well. There's an old-time film of Mr. and Mrs. McFeely dancing, and in Make-Believe, Lady Elaine realizes that dance can be about all kinds of feelings. She changes the name of her studio to the "Sometimes Happy Dance Studio."

A Visit with Empire Brass Quintet

Mister Rogers visits with the Empire Brass Quintet and helps children hear how each of the instruments - a tuba, a French horn, a coronet, a trombone and a trumpet, sounds alone and together. In Make-Believe, the castle is being decorated for the "Bass Violin Festival." The King's trumpeters are practicing their fanfares, too.

Helping the Environment
A Recycling Artist
A visit with Leo Sewell, an artist who creates sculptures from things people often throw away. Mrs. McFeely shows Mister Rogers some things she has made from throw-aways. In Make-Believe, there's too much garbage, but the neighbors learn that by working together they can solve their problems.

Unusual Musical Instruments

Mister Rogers visits Tom O'Horgan who shows him his collection of unusual and fascinating musical instruments from all over the world. In Make-Believe, the neighbors celebrate the "Bass Violin Festival," each in their own way. Mister Rogers shows how he might play the piano when he's feeling happy or angry.

Helping the Environment
Making Toys From Throw-aways
Mister Rogers makes a puppet show using boxes and materials that would have been thrown away. Mr. McFeely brings a real goat to visit. In Make-Believe, the garbage problem is solved when the neighbors figure out how to divide the garbage and recycle it.

How People Make Trumpets

Lots of trumpets! A toy one, a real instrument and a visit to a factory to see how people make trumpets. In Make-Believe, there's a visiting trumpeter, and King Friday decrees a week of celebrating. But Henrietta Pussycat doesn't feel like celebrating, even though it's almost her birthday.


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  School Readiness and Learning

Starting School
Mister Rogers Rides a School Bus

Mister Rogers takes a ride on a real school bus with children on their way home from school. In Make-Believe, the parents are excited to welcome their children when they return from school. Mister Rogers helps children know that teachers need students who want to learn, and how good it can feel to learn something new.

Making Mistakes
Some Mistakes Can Be Fixed

Mister Rogers uses erasers to show that some mistakes can be erased. In Make-Believe, visiting puppet Audrey Duck is embarrassed by lots of attention the King is giving to her, and the neighbors learn that some things can't be erased. Mr. McFeely brings a video of how people make books.

Playing the Kazoo with Ella Jenkins

Folk-singer Ella Jenkins visits and teaches Mister Rogers a song on the kazoo. There's lots of different learning in Make-Believe, and Mister Rogers shows a video of some of the many ways parents and children learn from each other.

Making Mistakes
A Visit with Pianist Andre Watts

Concert pianist André Watts talks about practicing and learning from his mistakes. In Make-Believe, puppet Audrey Duck is upset about all the fuss over her little poem, but she learns that sometimes little things are the best. Mister Rogers reminds us that mistakes are a part of learning.
How People Make Construction Paper
Mister Rogers shows a factory video to see how people make construction paper. He reads the book "A Piece of Red Paper" and decorates his house with a paper chain. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine is teaching others how to use a boomerang.
Making Mistakes
Nobody's Perfect

Mister Rogers helps children understand that nobody's perfect, but they can still give good care. He joins with folk singer Andy Holiner to sing and learn songs with some children. In Make-Believe, it's "Poetry Day" and the neighbors learn that even the King can make a mistake.

Making Mistakes
Everyone Makes Mistakes

Mister Rogers helps children understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes – even Mister Rogers. He shows a video of when he buttoned his sweater wrong, and he says it can hurt people's feelings when someone laughs at their mistakes. In Make-Believe, visiting puppet Audrey Duck's feelings are hurt.

Giving and Receiving
A Visit with Children's Author Eric Carle

Children's author-illustrator Eric Carle welcomes Mister Rogers to his studio and shows how he creates his unique art and reads his book "From Head to Toe." In Make-Believe, King Friday isn't very appreciative of a gift he receives.

Learning is Everywhere
Mister Rogers shows different size batteries and how a flashlight works. Mr. McFeely arrives in a battery-powered "Speedy Delivery" car! In Make Believe, Daniel helps his friends understand that children need people in order to learn - machines aren't enough for learning.


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       Relationships/Social-Emotional Development

Talk About Divorce
The McFeely Wedding

Mister Rogers reassures children that most parents get angry and argue sometimes, but that does not mean they are going to get a divorce. And even if parents do decide to get a divorce, it is not the children's fault. In a flashback sequence, Mr. McFeely remembers his beautiful wedding ceremony.

Building Friendships
Mister Rogers visits Trow's Workshop to learn about pulleys. In Make-Believe, it's raining, and the neighbors are finding their own ways to be peaceful together, especially Lady Aberlin and Daniel Tiger who are playing with their walkie-talkies. Mister Rogers explains that friends may have hard times, but they can also build stronger friendships each time they are together.

Talk About Divorce
A Visit with a Boy in a Wheelchair

Jeff Erlanger, a young boy who uses an electric wheelchair, visits Mister Rogers. Together they talk openly and honestly about his disability and sing "It's You I Like." In Make-Believe, the neighbors are searching for Prince Tuesday who has run away because he heard his parents arguing.

Happy Birthday Henrietta

There are so many things to celebrate, not just birthdays. Mister Rogers shows a factory tour of how people make candles. In Make-Believe, a comet arrives in the Neighborhood, and there's a surprise birthday party for Henrietta.

Jealous Feelings when Big Bird
Visits the Neighborhood

In Make-Believe, amid much excitement, "Big Bird" from Sesame Street arrives and reassures Henrietta that he will never take her place - that X the Owl will always be her best friend and close neighbor. Mister Rogers reminds children that even "When a Baby Comes to Your House," no one can ever take your place.
Day and Night Care
Mixed Feelings When Parents Are Away
Mister Rogers shows different kinds of zippers and a video of how people in a factory make them. In Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday feels sad about his parents being away. It helps to talk with his "night and day caregivers" about his feelings.

Daniel Finds It Very Hard to Wait

Mister Rogers takes a neighbor's dog for a walk, and it's nighttime in Make-Believe where puppet Ana Platypus wishes for a kitten for her birthday. Daniel Tiger is finding it very hard to wait for Ana's big day and to give her his special home-made gift.

Day and Night
How People Make Graham Crackers

Mister Rogers visits a factory to see how people make graham crackers. In Make-Believe, the King and Queen return from their time away. The Prince is happy, but still angry that they left. He is assured there will always be people who will take good care of him.

Sharing Can Be Hard- Even for Friends

Mister Rogers visits a neighborhood shoe store. In Make-Believe, puppet friends learn that there are ups and downs in all friendships, when Ana doesn't want to share her special shoes. It can help to know that there are some things you don't have to share.
Making Mistakes
Daniel Wonders If He Is a Mistake

Mister Rogers shows a factory video of how people make erasers, and in Make-Believe, a skunk is visiting and makes a "smelly" mistake. Daniel Tiger talks and sings with his friend Lady Aberlin about his worries that maybe he is a mistake, because he's "not like anyone else."
When Friends Fight

Henrietta and X the Owl are making fruit salad together, but an argument leads to hurt feelings. Mister Rogers wants children to know there are healthy ways to deal with our anger – ways that don't hurt ourselves or anyone else. Mister Rogers visits a restaurant to show what it's like there.
Go Behind the Scenes with Mister Rogers

Here's a chance to go behind the scenes. Mister Rogers steps off the set to show the studio where he works and introduces some of the people who help make the program. He even brings out some of the puppets he uses in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
Daniel Feels Forgotten
Folk musicians, The Mississippi Fife and Drum Corps, visit. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin forgets her friend Daniel. Mister Rogers helps children know that friendships can be repaired when friends talk about what they're feeling.

Mad Feelings
A Visit With STOMP
Mister Rogers visits with STOMP! the percussionist performers who use everyday objects like brooms, pipes, buckets and their hands and feet to make exciting music. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine is working on saying "I'm sorry." She learns there are many things that we can do with our mad feelings – things that don't hurt ourselves or anyone else.

Folk Songs and Games with Friends
Join in the fun when Mister Rogers visits a group of children learning traditional children's songs and games with Mary Jo Barron and Betty Aberlin. In Make-Believe, the King is planning a royal picnic. There are bubbles and balloons and scavenger hunt invitations for all the neighbors. The preparations for the royal picnic have begun!


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        Helping With Fears

Nighttime Fears in Make-Believe

Mister Rogers pretends it's nighttime in his house as he turns out the lights, pulls out his sofa bed and checks underneath it for "monsters." He shows a video of a factory where people make flashlights. In Make-Believe it's nighttime and that brings lots of different feelings.

Brave and Strong
Mister Rogers Gets a Shot
Mister Rogers gets an immunization to help children with their feelings and concerns about shots. Playing about being the doctor can help children feel braver. In Make-Believe, Daniel's friends help him find the courage to stop the snowing cereal at his clock.

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Helping the Environment
A Visit to a Recycling Center

Mister Rogers takes his empty cans and bottles to a recycling center to see how the people there compact cans and grind glass. In Make-Believe, there's a big stink because there's too much garbage and the dump is full. Mister Rogers makes blocks and other toys from throw-aways.

A Visit with Real Pandas
Mister Rogers goes to see and help prepare food for the giant pandas at the National Zoo. In Make-Believe, there's an elaborate birthday parade for Ana, and then she enjoys a special time in a quiet celebration with the birthday present she was hoping for – a kitten to love and hug.

Helping the Environment
Snorkeling with Sylvia Earle

Mister Rogers shows a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins, and with oceanographer Sylvia Earle, he goes snorkeling off the coast of the Florida Keys. In Make-Believe, there's a special newscast to help find a solution to the garbage problem.

A Visit to a Planetarium

Mister Rogers takes a field trip to a planetarium to see a sky show and learn about the stars. In Make-Believe, the neighbors are looking at the sky, too, as King Friday plans an elaborate celebration for the arrival of "Friday's Comet." But not everyone feels like celebrating.
Children Take Care of Pets

Mister Rogers shows a video of children taking care of all kinds of pets. Today he is taking care of a neighbor's dog. In Make-Believe, Ana is thinking about what kind of pet she wants for her birthday. She wants one she can hug and love, but the neighbors have their own ideas.
Ready to Read
A Baby Elephant at the Zoo

Mister Rogers visits the zoo to see a baby elephant and how people care for it. He shows a video of how people make backpacks. In Make-Believe, King Friday is determined to see what's inside Mayor Maggie's backpack and commands Corney to make a machine that sees inside things.
Respect for All Living Creatures

Different pets are visiting Mister Rogers – Bob Trow's dog named Barney and a parrot named Daisy. In Make-Believe, the neighbors are making all kinds of different gifts for Ana Platypus's birthday. Daniel gets frustrated making his special gift and needs to ask for help.

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Neighborhood Opera
Windstorm in Bubbleland

This fanciful fun-filled story full of bubbles, is about a place called Bubbleland where there is never any trouble until a windstorm threatens to destroy all the bubbles. The "Wind" flies, sweaters are magically knitted, there's a porpoise and a newsman -- and a hummingbird who saves the day.

Neighborhood Opera
Spoon Mountain Opera
Spoon Mountain Opera is a story about "Wicked Knife and Fork" (Bob Trow) who is holding is holding "Purple Twirling Kitty" captive on Spoon Mountain. To the rescue come "Prince Extraordinary" and "Betty Green" from the Park Service. There's a King and a Queen -- and a balladeer who holds the story together in song.

Neighbrhood Opera
A Star for Kitty

A Star for Kitty tells the story of "Kitty" (Betty Aberlin) who wishes for a star of her own for her birthday. The star she chooses is "Tiny Star" played by puppet Daniel Tiger. With the help of "half moons" (Metropolitan Opera baritone John Reardon and Paul Spencer Adkins), "Kitty" learns that "Tiny Star" needs to stay at his home in the sky.

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