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Washing Toys Squirt Bottles

Try playing with squirt bottles for outdoor fun.


First gather a few things:

  • dish pan or plastic tub

  • measuring cups or small plastic pitchers

  • funnel

  • Fill a dishpan or plastic tub with lukewarm water. Fill the squirt bottles for outdoor water play. Spray the plants with water or pretend to put out fires. Remember that water is not for spraying at people. Point out how well they're able to keep their squirts in the tub or the pan. They really can control their fluids.

    Parent Tips It can take a lot of control for your child to spray the water carefully. You might want to point out how well your child is able to keep the squirts in the tub or the pan. In toilet training, children need to be able to control their own fluids, and they learn they really can do that, especially with encouragement from caring adults.
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