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Washing Toys Car Wash

Do you like to play outside? Have a car wash.


First gather a few things:

  • sponges

  • rags

  • bucket(s)

  • soup

  • water

  • Children love to help wash the car. Hosing it down, wiping with sudsy sponges, and drying it off. Give your child one section to be in charge of.

    Parent Tips One of the benefits your child gets in working alongside you in a big project like washing the car is being able to spend time with you. That in itself is treasured time. Your child can also see with his or her own eyes the value of work, as the car gets clean and shiny. And what a great opportunity you have to stretch your child's vocabulary by naming the different parts as you work on them -- the hood, the bumpers, the side mirrors, the trunk.
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