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Washing Toys Washing Doll Clothes

Make a homemade washing machine.


First gather a few things:

  • wash-basin or sink

  • soapy water

  • doll clothes

  • large plastic container with a tight-fitting lid

  • What different ways could you use to wash doll clothes? You could wash them by hand, rub them on a washboard, use a washing machine at home, wash them at the laundromat. You could wash the doll clothes by hand at the sink -- or make your own homemade "washing machine" by putting water, soap, and doll clothes in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Shake the container to clean the clothes. Then you'll need to rinse the clothes in clean water, squeeze out the excess water -- or roll them in a dry towel) and then hang them up to dry.

    Parent Tips Activities like this give your child an appreciation for people who design machines that help make our work easier. Your child can also feel proud of the work he or she does that makes the doll clothes come clean.
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