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Washing Toys Washing Toys

Here's a way to have some fun and do some clean-up work, too!


First gather a few things:

  • plastic bowls, buckets, or dishpan soapy water

  • cloths or sponges

  • old toothbrushes, nailbrushes, or scrub-brushes

  • washable plastic toys

  • Fill a bucket half full with soapy water. You can either dip the washable plastic toys in the water, or you can wet your cloth in the water. You can clean the tiny parts of your toys with an old toothbrush. With a sponge or cloth, you can clean the bigger parts. Then dry them off with a towel.

    Parent Tips Water play is such fun for children. It's soothing and doesn't put pressure on a child to "make something." It's a great activity for the outdoors, but it also works well indoors, using the sink or bathtub or a pan on the kitchen floor. You'll probably need to find a place for some of the toys to dry before returning them to the shelves.
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