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How People Make Sneakers
one When people make sneakers, they make the rubber bottoms first. The rubber is made into thick strips, each of which will become the bottom of a sneaker. The strips of rubber are put onto molds and melted. When the rubber has melted just the right amount, it forms the bottom of the sneaker.
two One machine cuts out many layers of insoles (the inside of a sneaker) and another machine cuts the canvas for the top of the sneaker. After someone adds holes for the shoelaces and sews the canvas sides, it's time to put all the parts together. People put the rubber bottom, insole, and canvas together over this metal mold of a foot.
three After the top canvas is glued to the insole, this woman adds a layer of rubber trim around the bottom. Someone makes sure that the top and the bottom parts match before a machine presses the entire sneaker together.
four Someone adds one more rubber strip around the outside. Then, the last thing the people do is add the shoelaces. It takes many people and many machines to make a pair of sneakers.
Factory Tour
Factory Tour