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How People Make Construction Paper
one When people make construction paper, they mix together chunks of wood and hot water to form a mushy mixture called pulp. Recycled paper is added to make the pulp thicker and dye is added to give it color.
two The pulp mixture moves over a wire conveyer belt. As it travels, the water is taken out and the pulp becomes less shiny, less mushy and more like paper. The pulp then moves over big heated barrels. The heat dries up any extra water and the pulp then becomes construction paper.
three Workers load long, long sheets of the paper onto big rolls. All the colors that go in each package of construction paper are put together and then sent to a machine called a feeder where they'll be put into stacks and cut into big sheets. The stacks of paper are kept in a warehouse until it's time to cut them into the different sizes people need.
four Finally, each stack of paper is wrapped in plastic and sent to stores, so people can buy it and have fun making all kinds of things!
Factory Tour
Factory Tour