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Show and Tell socks

Do you ever help fold the socks for people in your family?


Any time the family laundry is done is a chance for a sorting and matching game. You can help sort the clothes when your someone in your family is getting ready to do the wash--into whites or colors, or things that are delicate or sturdier. After the wash is done, you can help sort things for putting them away--for example some shirts are big and others are little. Whose rooms do they go in? Which socks go together?

Parent TipsPlay and learning go hand in hand, and giving your child these experiences doesn't take extra time or involve extra materials. It can happen naturally in everyday family life, especially when you make something fun out of a chore, like setting the table, putting away silverware, or helping to make the bed. As children take in information about the world, they are often fascinated by sorting and categorizing things.

With the laundry game, you can help your child understand that the same things are likely to get re-sorted differently for putting them away: while the pre-wash sorting may have been by color, the post-wash tends to be by size. That can help your child learn that things (and people) are alike in some ways and different in other ways. Just working at something "grown up" alongside you can make any such activity a treat for your child.
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