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Show and Tell doll

Have you ever seen a doll that's just your size?  Make one out of something you see every day!


First tape two or three sheets of newspaper together to make one sheet that's large enough for you to lie on. Then make three more layers of the same size. Now you have four layers, one on top of another. Lie down on the paper and ask someone to trace the outline of your body. Ask for help cutting around the outline through all four layers, and staple or tape the four layers around the edges, leaving one side open

Gently stuff the outline with more sheets of small, crumpled newspaper, leaving two layers of paper on either side of the stuffing so the doll won't tear so easily. When the outline has been stuffed, staple or tape shut the open side. You might want to draw or paint features and clothes on the doll...or dress the doll with old clothes.

Newspaper Person
Parent TipsDrawing around your child's body is one way to let your child sense where his or her body begins and ends. That awareness is the first stage of developing of self-control. Children need to know their body boundaries before they can stop from hitting out at others. So besides giving your child a fun life-size doll, you're also giving your child a boost towards an important life skill.
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