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Show and Tell leaves

Do you find acorns or leaves when you walk outside?


One way to enjoy the outdoors is to take a walk together and collect things to use for a nature mobile. Take along a small bag and look for little things, like leaves, small sticks, acorns, tiny stones, bits of grass or wildflowers, or a feather. Look for a twig to use as a holder for the mobile.

When you get home, have someone help you hang strips of wide masking tape from the twig. The strips could be different lengths. Once the strips are in place, you can cover the sticky side with the things that you collected, as long as they aren't too heavy.

Nature Mobile
Parent TipsWhen you're out in nature, you have wonderful opportunities to encourage your child's curiosity and an interest in looking closely at things. Attitudes about respecting nature, like most other attitudes and values, are caught, not taught. When your child sees that you enjoy and marvel at things in nature, your child is more likely to grow into an adult who respects all living things.
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