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Show and Tell car

Do you have a toy car like this one?  You could make your own out of egg cartons!


Have someone help you cut the egg carton crosswise, so there are four little wells and a hinge on one side that lets the top swing open and shut. Cut out the side panels and back panels to make windows. You might want to glue clear plastic wrap over the inside of the windows and across the opening in front. Poke slits in the sides of the passenger wells and thread garbage-bag twists to make seat belts. You could paint the car and use magic markers to make headlights on the front, brake lights on the back, and wheels with hub caps on the side. Make buses from 6- or 12-seaters, or motorcycles from 2.

For a road, tape two strips of masking tape on the carpet or tabletop. You might also want to add handmade stop signs along the road.

Egg Carton Cars
Parent TipsWhen you share an activity like moving a toy car carefully along a taped roadway, you're giving your child a fun way to practice staying "on the road." That's something your child needs for learning to use fingers carefully for writing. That kind of outer control can help your child develop inner self-control, too.
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