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Show and Tell plane

What does an airplane need?   A parachute! Here's a way to make your own:


Ask for help knotting 8-inch pieces of string to each corner of a handkerchief or piece of cloth. Then poke four holes around the rim of a paper cup and fasten the end of each string to the holes. If you put toy people or small animals inside the cups, they will add enough weight to make the parachute float properly.

Another way to make a parachute is to tie the ends of the string to a metal nut or washer. Toss the parachute in the air, and watch it open and float to the ground.

Making Parachutes
Parent TipsChildren seem to have a fascination for anything that flies or floats in the air. "How do these things stay up?" "Why don't they fall like we do?" These parachutes won't stay up long, but you may find your child wanting to see their seemingly magical floating descents over and over again.
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