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Show and Tell Birdfeeder

Hang a birdfeeder near a window.


Want to help the birds find food, especially in the winter months? Make them a bird feeder. Tie a piece of string around a pinecone. Spread peanut butter into the grooves and hollows with a popsicle stick or plastic knife. Roll the pinecone in birdseed or sunflower seeds. Hang the birdfeeder near a window so you can watch the birds come to eat.

Parent TipsChildren know they need adults to give them a great deal of care in order to have food, shelter, daily needs met. How good it can be for children to be the caregivers and have the opportunity to care for others, like offering food for the birds. And how exciting it can be for children to watch the birds as they come to feed and to have a closeup opportunity to learn about some of the birds' habits.
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