Hello educators! Get ready to take kids on fantastic adventures and marvelous missions with PLUM LANDING, an exciting environmental science project from WGBH Boston that helps kids develop a love for, and connection to, this amazing and beautiful planet we call home. PLUM LANDING invites kids ages six to nine to get to know their world through a collection of fun and engaging games, apps, videos, and hands-on science activities. These media resources also include related extension ideas that encourage kids to put down their devices and head outdoors to explore their world.

Plum Landing Pathways

Each PLUM LANDING curriculum pathway provides a set of activities and media resources arranged in a thematic sequence and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. These pathways were put together with informal educators in mind—those running afterschool programs, summer camps or other out-of-school time programs. Whether you see kids only once in a drop-in setting, once a week in a club, or every day for a week-long camp, you'll find a pathway that works for you.