Brigid Sullivan, Vice President for Children's Media and Educational Programming

Kate Taylor, Senior Executive Producer

Bill Shribman, Senior Executive Producer

Marisa Wolsky, Executive Producer

Melissa Carlson, Producer


Dr. Christopher Whitbeck, Ed.D., Principal, C.T. Douglas School, Acton Public Schools


Kathy Waugh, Creative Producer/Head Writer

Jessica Andrews, Project Director

Blyth Lord, Project Director (alum)

Gentry Menzel, Writer

Greg Shea, Promo Producer


Kit Buckley, Senior Developer

Dan Nolan, Design Manager

Tara Taylor, Designer

Kevin Lesniewicz, Senior Developer

Kal Gieber, Digital Developer

Sylvia Castillo, Digital Production Assistant

Louise Flannery, Digital Production Assistant

Frank LeClair, Associate Designer

Jeff Bartell, Associate Designer

Stefan Mallette, Associate Designer

Gentry Menzel, Senior Producer

Dennis Biron, Web Developer

Bharat Battu, Web Developer

Cassandra Sell, Designer

Caz Downing-Bryant, Senior Developer

Tacita Morway, Director of Technology (alum)

Karen Doyle, Designer Co-op (alum)

Molly Frey, Supervising Developer (alum)

Rick Pinchera, Senior Designer (alum)

Dave Peth, Senior Producer (alum)

Fran Dias, Associate Designer (alum)

Live-Action Video Production

Geoff Adams, Producer/Director/Camera/Editor

Peter Bowden, Associate Producer

Sirri Spiesel, Associate Producer

Mario Cardenas, Sound Recordist

Angélica Allende Brisk, Editor

Ian McFarland, Editor

Albinson Design, Animation

Neal Duffy, Producer/Director/Camera/Editor "Catch Me if You Can"


Denise Blumenthal, Director of Education

Sonja Latimore, Manager of Editorial Content

Mary Haggerty, Director of Media Engagement

Jennifer Cutraro, Editorial Project Director & Writer

Julie Nadeau, Senior Editor

Heidi Shin, Outreach Project Director

Chris Randall, Editorial Project Director (alum)

Bill Shribman, Photographer

Petronella Gianocostas, Print Designer

Diane Fredrick, Copy Editor

Heller Language Solutions, Spanish Translation

Social Media

Abbie Steinbacher, Digital Strategist

Sylvia Castillo, Online Community Manager


Peter Panagopoulos, Director

Martha Waldron, Account Manager

Mandy Miller, Account Executive


Bara Levin, Director

Nancy Bocchino, Senior Account Manager

Molly Hall, Marketing Coordinator


Paul Higgins, Director of Administration

Alan West, Director of Administration

Heidi Hamparian, Business Manager

Amy Stahl, Business Manager

Tracy McDermott, Business Manager

Gail O'Docherty, Senior Manager, Project Finance

Mimi Curran, Project Finance (alum)

Christine Engel-Russo, Project Finance (alum)

Karen Baseman, Associate General Counsel

Nike Okediji, Associate General Counsel

Eric Taub, Secret Weapon


Lori Friedman, Senior Program Manager

Linda Harrar, Senior Program Manager

Jennifer Hermanski, Development Associate


Victoria Bahe, Environmental Educator, Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI

Mark Cowan, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Environment and Conservation (Western Australia)

Stuart Davies, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Tropical Forest Science, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Ben Gadd, Author and Naturalist

Tina Grotzer, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Science Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Bo Hoppin, Experiential Education Coordinator, Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School

Rue Mapp, Founder and CEO, Outdoor Afro

Lydia Peabody, K-5 Program Director, Science Club for Girls, Cambridge, MA

Susan Santone, Executive Director of Creative Change Educational Solutions

Eric Strauss, Ph.D., Presidential Professor in Ecology at Loyola Marymount University

by Global

Tina Ouellette, Executive Producer

Bruce Alcock, Creative Director

Denny Lu, Director

Brian Carson, Music

Adam Dalley, Assistant Director


Mariee Devereux as Plum

Andrew Campbell as Cooper

Bethany Brown as Gabi

Evan Ince as Oliver

Katelyn Mager as Clementine

Spencer Drever as Brad


Elizabeth Murray, Producer

Chris Brodie, Production Coordinator

Amanda Bell, Production Assistant


Allison Barry, Business Affairs

Kathy Watt, Accountant

Geraldine Robinson, Bookkeeper


Ben Meinhardt, Assistant Director

Cesare Battista, Designer

Cliff Saito, Designer/Animator

Dana Smith, Designer

Kevin Langdale, Designer

Mike Gilbert, Designer

Nathan Boey, Designer

Donna Brockopp, Storyboard Artist

Jocelan Thiessen, Storyboard Artist

Michael Vatcher, Storyboard Artist

Nicole Wang, Storyboard Artist

Scott Underwood, Storyboard Artist

Steven Garcia, Storyboard Artist

Teresa Marek, Storyboard Artist

Tom Sales, Storyboard Artist

Biancca Maya Ozawa, Animator

Chiew Yuen Lam, Animator

Dennis Levesque, Animator

Denis Moric, Animator

Gemma Reeks-Coad, Animator

Gillian Slaunwhite, Animator

Hye Yun Kim, Animator

Ian Vincent-Godfrey, Animator

Kenneth Chu, Animator

Kuo-Kang Chang, Animator

Michelle MacInnis, Animator

Richard Ferguson-Hull, Animator

Robyn Fulbrook, Animator

Seon Yul Park, Animator

Sondley Valbrun, Animator

Tammy Dubinksy, Animator

Tim Stuby, Animator

Tzanko Todorov Tchangov, Animator

Yoosik Ethan, Animator

Yumiko Sasakawa, Animator

Matt Sikka, Post Production Supervisor

Jesse Wilson, Editor/Compositor

Samuel Farrugia, Assistant Compositor

Technical Support

13th Floor Solutions

SAV Technology

Sol 3 Systems

Denim & Steel

and Voice

Vida Spark Productions, Casting

Terry Klassen, Voice Directing

Wayne Kozak Audio Productions, Voice Record

Dick & Rogers Sound Studio, Sound Design & Mixing

With the participation of the Province of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit


Meg Tobin

Sue Li

Danielle Stacey

Pearl Phaovisaid

Laura Johnson


Special thanks to: the kids and staff at the West End House Boys and Girls Club (Boston, MA), especially Oscar Lopez; Jackson Mann K-8 School; J R Lowell Elementary School; the Cambridge YMCA; and the Arthur D. Healey School (Somerville, MA), especially Hilary Aberle and Ines Costa.