pbskids Mama Mirabelle
          Savanna Stage Show  
          Lights, camera, action! With these Mama Mirabelle cutouts, kids can put on a Super
          Savanna Stage Show. This activity is designed for ages 4 and up. 
          What you need
           •	scissors
           •	glue or tape
           •	coloring supplies
           •	popsicle sticks
           •	box or large pieces of cardboard

          What to do
          Once you have printed the characters and backgrounds, color and cut them out. 
          Younger kids may need some adult help cutting and assembling. You can attach 
          the Mama Mirabelle characters and props to popsicle sticks to make them sturdier. 
          The backgrounds and stage curtains can be glued or taped to pieces of cardboard. 

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