pbskids Mama Mirabelle
          This egg-volution card game introduces the different stages of egg development.
          What you need
           •	scissors
          What to do
          Print and cut out the egg-volution cards. Younger children may need adult help and supervision.
          There are two different variations to choose from, sequence or memory game.
          For the sequence game, the cards are mixed up and the player must put each egg development 
          sequence in the correct order. This game can be played with two players if you print out 
          two sets of cards; thirty-two in total. Whoever completes their sequences first, wins.
          For the memory game, you need a minimum of two players. Two sets of cards must be printed 
          out; thirty-two cards in total. Cards must be laid face down on a flat surface. The players 
          take turns flipping over 3 cards, searching for matching pairs. Whichever player gathers the
          most correct matches wins. This game is best played with three to four players.

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