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Animal Memory Card Game


  • Print out two pages of animal picture cards.

  • Ask a parent to help you cut out the cards with a pair of scissors.

How To Play

  • Objective: Find the animal cards that look the same.

  • Start the game by turning the cards over so the animal pictures can’t be seen.

  • Now spread the cards out on the table and mix them all up.

  • Decide who will go first.

  • The first player turns over two cards. The player says the name of the animals.

  • If the animals on the two cards match, the player wins the cards and creates a pile to the side. The player takes another turn and chooses another two cards. If the cards do not match, it is the second player’s turn.

  • The game is over when there are no more cards on the table.

  • The winner is the one with the most pairs of cards.

  • Hint: Try to remember what animal pictures you saw, so you can find the matching animals faster!


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