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Animal Trivia Card Game


  • Print out the page of animal picture cards and animal question cards, as well as the answer key

  • Ask a parent to help you cut out the cards with a pair of scissors.

How To Play

  • Objective: Find the right animals by following the instructions on the question cards.

  • Turn the animal cards over so you can see the pictures.

  • You only need one set of animal cards for this game. If you see matching animal cards, place one of the cards to the side.

  • Place the question cards in a pile.

  • Decide who will go first.

  • Read the question on the card or ask a parent to help you read the question on the card.

  • Listen to the question and then find the animal cards that match the description. For example: Find all the animals with four feet (Hint: sometimes it’s more than one animal).

  • After you have a turn, let the other player choose a question card and try to find the animals.

  • Continue until you’ve used all the question cards.

  • When you are finished, you can shuffle the cards and play again or make you own question cards.
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