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Answer Key

Which animals are members of the cat family? tiger, cheetah
Which animals are birds? penguin, toucan
Which animals move by hopping? kangaroo, frog
Which animals use echolocation to hear? whale, bat
Five senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste
Which animal can change the color of its skin? chameleon
Which animals have spots? Which animals have stripes? Spots: cheetah, frog (some). Stripes: zebra, tiger
Which animals move by walking on four legs? tiger, cheetah, chameleon, polar bear, zebra
Which animal is the largest on land? Which is the largest in the ocean? Largest land animal: elephant. Largest ocean animal:   (blue) whale.
Which animals have fur or hair? tiger, cheetah, kangaroo, polar bear, zebra
Which animals can swim? penguin, whale, polar bear, tiger, frog
Which animals lay eggs? penguin, toucan, chameleon, frog
Which animals have claws? tiger, cheetah, polar bear, kangaroo, penguin, toucan, bat


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