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What kind of dog is Lomax?
Lomax is a Melody Hound. He has a special ability to hear tunes from very far away.

Where does Lomax sleep?
Lomax's favorite places to sleep are one of the soft chairs on the caboose and Amy's bed.

Where does Delta sleep?
Delta can sleep anywhere at any time. But her favorite places are one of the soft chairs on the caboose, a sunny porch, and Amy's bed.

Where does Amy sleep?
Amy sleeps in a little room on top of the caboose.

What's the name of the train?
The name of the train is "The Melody Hound Express."

Who are the other characters on LOMAX?
Accompanying Lomax, Delta, and Amy on their journey is Fred, the train's genial conductor, who, because he has a knack for making all kinds of "mouth sounds," And also on board are Louise and Clark - a pair of adventurous fleas who have hitched a fun-filled ride on Lomax. The Gooney Bird makes frequent appearances as well.

Who is LOMAX for?
Everyone, but especially for kids age 3-7.

When can I watch LOMAX?
See PBSKids.org to find out when.