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Lomax Lomax

They call me "the hound of music" because I can hear tunes from very far away. My hobbies are tracking down tunes, chewing bones, watching Delta the Cat do funny things, and being petted by my human, Amy.
Delta Delta

People say I have the most beautiful "meow" they have ever heard. They speak the truth. My hobbies are meowing beautifully, sleeping, grooming myself, chasing flies, and being petted by my human, Amy.
Amy Amy

I live on the caboose of a train. My hobbies are singing, dancing, playing the guitar, traveling around the country, doing the Gooney Bird Dance, and petting my dog, Lomax, and my cat, Delta.
Louise and Clark Louise and Clark

We are tune-loving fleas who live on Lomax, in his fur. Our hobbies are singing, hiding, jumping away, holding on for dear life to Lomax's hairs when he runs, and screaming.
Fred Fred

I'm the conductor on the "Melody Hound Express." My hobbies include imitating animals, instruments, and machinery; saying "All Aboard"; and trying not to fall down when the train stops short.