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Character Videos

Download clips of some of your favorite from Between the Lions characters. These videos can be played on your computer, or on portable media players such as the Apple iPod, Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune or Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable).

It's easy to do. Just right-click the "Download" button (or control-click on a Mac) and choose "Download linked file" to save that file to your computer.

For more information, visit Help with Downloads. Before downloading, please review our Terms of Use.

The Amazing Trampolini Brothers

This trio of animated circus performers demonstrates comparative and superlative adjectives.

  • Good, Better, Best
  • Noisy, Noisier, Noisiest
  • Tasty, Tastier, Tastiest
  • Brave, Braver, Bravest

The Amazing Trampolini Brothers

Arty Smartypants: Short Story Time

Arty narrates a series of easy-reader storybooks that help build vocabulary and fluency.

  • Bump! Thump! Splat!
  • Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop
  • Edna Bakes Cookies
  • Tabby at Night
  • Worm is Stuck

screenshots from five short stories

If You Were

These nonfiction videos show what life is like as various animals.

  • If You Were: hippopotamus
  • If You Were: spider crab
  • If You Were: boa constrictor
  • If You Were: blue whale

screenshots from if you were short stories


This collection of illustrated poems introduces the world of poetry and rhyme.

  • You Never Hear the Garden Grow
  • Brush Dance
  • Ode to the Washing Machine
  • Tuning Up
  • Baby Chick

screenshots from poems short stories