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Audio Downloads

Download some music and sing along with the Lions at home or in the car! These song collections can be played on your computer or on a portable music player that can play mp3 files.

Just right-click the "Download" button (or control-click on a Mac) and choose "Download linked file" to save it to your computer.

For more information, visit Help with Downloads. Before downloading, please review our Terms of Use.

Music Mix 1

DJs Leona and Lionel host this music mix of your favorite Between the Lions songs.

  • There's a Gorilla!
  • Upper & Lower Case
  • Many Meanings of Cool
  • Two Sounds Made By C
Leona at the microphone

Music Mix 2

Leona and Lionel are back with a second mix of hit songs from the show.

  • Homophones
  • When Two Vowels Go Walking
  • Hung Up On H
  • W Trouble
Lionel at the microphone

Music Mix 3

Leona and Lionel invite you to get up and dance to their third mix of popular songs from the show.

  • Two Sounds Made by G
  • Look It Up
  • I Love Contractions
  • Dance in Smartypants
Lionel with headphones

Music Mix 4

Leona and Lionel's fourth mix of songs is a special group featuring some of their favorite letters and sounds.

  • Double e, ee
  • Without an ing
  • Q Without U
  • Shush (sh)
Lionel with headphones