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Learning Objectives
Joseph Had a
Little Overcoat
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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Six of the downloadable Lesson Guide (225K PDF file).

Nothing: "nothing" is a compound word: no + thing

  • Other compound words with "no" are no one, nobody, nowhere.
Something: "something" is a compound word: some + thing
  • Other compound words with "some" are someone, somebody, somewhere.
  • Related compound words are anything, anyone, anybody, anywhere; and everything, everyone, everybody, everywhere.
Shows: a form of the verb "to show," which in this story means to prove or provide evidence for
  • Other meanings of "show" (the verb) are: to bring into view, to make known, to point out, to teach or demonstrate.
  • Meanings of "show" (the noun) are: a display or something seen in public, a TV program, or theatrical performance.
  • Some expressions are show-off, no-show, show and tell.