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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Five of the downloadable Lesson Guide (225K PDF file).

Drank: past tense of "to drink"

  • "Drink" as a noun is a glass or cup of liquid that you swallow. "Drink" can also mean a sip or swallow of liquid.
  • Many words rhyme with drank: bank, rank, sank, tank, yank, blank, crank, prank.
  • Many words rhyme with drink: blink, link, rink, pink, sink, wink, think.
Glass: a cup or tumbler made from glass
  • Two meanings of glass are: a sheet of transparent material that can break easily, and a container used for drinking.
  • Glasses (always plural) are pair of lenses to help a person see, sometimes called eyeglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from glare.
  • Many things are made from glass, such as a drinking glass, window, bottle, car windshield, some tabletops, and eyeglasses.
Hot tea: a fragrant beverage made from the dried leaves of the tea plant or other aromatic plants
  • Tea can also be iced; that is, served over ice.
  • Many words are associated with tea, such as teacup, teapot, teakettle, tea leaf, tea bag, tea party.
  • "Tea" or "tea party" can refer to a get-together in the afternoon at which people drink tea, have light refreshments, and socialize.
Lemon: a sour, yellow fruit
  • A lemon has many features: it is yellow, oval, sour, juicy, has sections, has a skin that you cannot eat, has seeds, is in the citrus family, grows on a tree. Lemon can be contrasted with other kinds of fruits, and their features can be compared.
  • Lemonade is a sweet drink made from lemons, water, and sugar.
  • Lemon can be an adjective to describe a yellow color.