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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Two of the downloadable Lesson Guide (225K PDF file).

Fasten: an action to keep something in place or keep it from opening

  • One common phrase is "fasten your seatbelt."
  • A fastener is anything used to fasten something, such as a button, zipper, Velcro, snap, tie, buckle, nail, et cetera.
Suspenders: a pair of straps that you wear over the shoulders to hold up pants or a skirt, or for decorative purposes
  • "Suspenders" (as clothing) is always in the plural; we can say "a pair of suspenders."
  • "To suspend" means to hang, interrupt, or take away a privilege.
  • A suspension bridge is a bridge that is suspended from heavy cables.
Button: (noun) a kind of fastener that comes in many shapes and sizes; can also be used for decorative purposes
  • "To button" is to fasten with a button.
  • A button can also be part of a machine or device (shaped like a button) that causes something to happen, such as on a push-button phone.
  • Some expressions are "cute as a button" and "button it" (meaning to be quiet).