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Joseph Had a
Little Overcoat
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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson One of the downloadable Lesson Guide (225K PDF file).

Old: describes thing that has been around for a long time, or a person who has lived a long time

  • The concept of old is relative, depending on the type of object or person being described, and from whose perspective.
  • A phrase such as "five years old" gives something a definite age.
  • There are many usages of "old," relating to the concepts of former, traditional, stale, already known, worn out, and others.
  • The opposite can be "new," "young," or "fresh."
  • Synonyms, or words with similar meaning, are "ancient," "antique," and "elderly."
Worn: as an adjective, describes something (often an article of clothing or furniture) that is used and not in good condition
  • "Worn" has nuances when followed by a prepositional adverb, as in "worn out," "worn down," "worn in," and "worn away."
Overcoat: a coat that you wear over your other clothes
  • Overcoat is a compound word.
  • There are many different kinds of coats, such as raincoat, ski parka, fur coat, and cloak.
  • An animal's fur is sometimes called a coat.
  • An expression using "coat" is "coat of paint."
Jacket: a coat that is shorter and closer fitting than an overcoat
  • There are many kinds of jackets, such as jean jacket, sport jacket or blazer, and leather jacket.
  • Some expressions and phrases using "jacket" are life jacket, yellow jacket, book jacket, and potato in its jacket.
Vest: a sleeveless jacket or sweater
  • A life vest is the same thing as a life jacket.
  • Many words rhyme with vest: best, jest, nest, pest, rest, test, west, zest, chest, crest, guest, quest.
Scarf: a piece of fabric in a square or rectangular shape that you can wear wrapped around the neck or head
  • Plural is "scarfs" or "scarves."
Necktie: a long, thin piece of material that you wear around the neck with a knot in front
  • "Tie" means the same as "necktie," and is more commonly used.
  • A bow tie is a shorter tie with a bow in front.
  • "Tie" can also be a verb, meaning to secure two ends of string, rope, ribbon, et cetera.
  • Another meaning of "tie" (noun) is when there are an equal number of points in a game or contest, and of "tie" (verb) is to finish a game or contest with an equal number of points on both sides or teams.
Handkerchief: a small, square piece of lightweight fabric that people may use as a tissue or for decoration
  • The plural is handkerchiefs or handkerchieves.
  • A "kerchief" is a small scarf. It is larger than a handkerchief.