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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Six of the downloadable Lesson Guide (446K PDF file).

Beautiful; Gorgeous: having pleasing qualities

  • "Gorgeous" is stronger than "beautiful"
  • These words can describe things to look at and to listen to.
  • Some synonyms are pretty, lovely, and handsome.
  • The opposite is ugly.
Tiny: very small size
  • There are many words on a continuum that refer to size: tiny, small, little, big, large, huge, giant.
  • Adjectives are relative: a small elephant is bigger than a large dog.
Easy: doesn't take much effort to do
  • Many things are easy to do (but different people find different things easy).
  • "It is easy to __________."
  • The opposite is "hard," or "difficult."
  • "Piece of cake" means "easy."
Very: added to an adjective for emphasis
  • Some words conceptually incorporate "very": "starving" means very hungry; "beautiful" means very pretty; "tiny" means very small.
  • "Very" and "much" often go together, as in "Thank you very much."