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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Five of the downloadable Lesson Guide (446K PDF file).

Open (verb): to move into a state of being open

  • You can open different kinds of things such as doors, jars, books, umbrellas, your hands, and your mouth.
  • The opposite of "open" is "close."
  • A related phrase is "Open Sesame!"
Drop: to let fall; to fall; a drop of something is a small amount
  • "Drop" can mean the same as "fall."
  • Related words and phrases are raindrop, teardrop, drop of water, gumdrop, and cough drop.
  • Some figurative uses are "drop by for a visit," "drop off a book," and "my mouth dropped open."
Sing: to make music with your voice
  • What you sing is a song.
  • A person who sings is a singer.
  • Other forms of this verb are sang and sung.