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Learning Objectives
     Fox and Crow
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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson Three of the downloadable Lesson Guide (446K PDF file).

Fox: an animal related to dogs and wolves

  • Foxes have fur, paws, a bushy tail, upright ears, and a pointy snout (or nose).
  • Some foxes live in the woods and sleep in dens.
  • In many stories, foxes are sly.
  • A related phrase is "sly as a fox," meaning very sneaky.
Flatter: to say something overly nice about someone, just to get what you want
  • A flatterer is someone who flatters.
  • "Flattery" is what you do; you can "use flattery."
Beware of: be careful of
  • People need to beware of traffic on a busy street, deep water, flatterers, et cetera.
  • Students may confuse "beware of" with "be aware of."
  • You can also say "watch out for" and "be careful."
Learn: to come to know or understand
  • You can learn by instruction, by studying on your own, and through life's experiences.
  • The phrase "learn a lesson" especially relates to learning from experience.
Lesson: what you come to know or understand; a piece of instruction; an exercise (in class); something learned
  • A "big lesson" is a really important lesson, something very important that is learned.