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     Fox and Crow
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Here are some words and concepts that will be covered in Lesson One of the downloadable Lesson Guide (446K PDF file).

Bird: an animal that has wings, feathers, and a beak

  • Some kinds of birds are the crow, woodpecker, swallow, penguin, owl, robin, and blue jay.
  • Parts of a bird include wings, feathers, beak, tail, and claws.
  • Birds make nests.
  • Birds lay eggs.
  • Many birds fly, but not all (for example, penguins, ostriches).
  • Birds communicate by singing, chirping, tweeting, hooting, cawing, et cetera.
  • Compound words include birdbath, birdcage, and birdhouse.
Beak: the name of a mouth of a bird
  • "Beak" is a special word for "mouth," only for birds.
  • A beak is used for eating, exploring, chirping, carrying things, et cetera.
Crow: a kind of bird that is large and black
  • Crows make a "caw" sound.
  • Compound words include scarecrow.
Mouth: where you put food, and where vocalizations come out of people and animals
  • A mouth is used for eating, tasting, talking, et cetera.
  • Parts of a mouth include lips, teeth, and tongue.
  • One kind of mouth is a beak.
  • A multiple meaning of "mouth" is the source of a river.
  • After you put food in your mouth, you swallow it.
Swallow: to let food down your throat and into your stomach
  • Another meaning of "swallow" is a kind of bird (with a long pointed wing and forked tail).
Tree: a plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves or needles
  • Some types of trees are pine, oak, maple, and apple.
  • Parts of a tree include the trunk, roots, branches, leaves, and bark.
  • Wood is a material made from trees; many common things are made from wood.
  • Related phrases include tree house.
Woods: an area with lots of trees
  • A forest is like woods, only much larger.
  • "Woodpecker" is a related word.
  • A related phrase is "knock on wood."