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Click on three books that go together!

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The library has flooded, and Click needs help getting books back onto the right shelves. Books float by in groups of five, but each shelf only holds three. Choose three whose titles share a common theme. The theme is on the label at the bottom of the shelf.

Finding categories is a great way to practice analytical reasoning, a key thinking skill. Kids can either apply knowledge or use trial and error.

When we listen or speak, our brains match new words to ones we already know (according to current theories). When we think about a word like "flamingo," we associate it with related words like "zoos" or "birds" or "pink." When we hear the word "flamingo," we don't often get sidetracked into other brain-directories, thinking that Mrs. Flamingo might be a teacher at school, or that flamingo might be a type of pasta. When we hear it, our brains pull it from a section that has similar ideas.

Our ability to retrieve words—faster than any computer—is thought to be based on this function of the brain. Identifying categories is key to our ability to form language, organize ideas, and answer questions.
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