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Here's what some teachers are saying about Cornerstones:

"The benefits to the children were apparent after only a few lessons. The children had fun while learning some very complex concepts. Even though I have high expectations for my students, I was still surprised by their level of understanding of our objectives following this unit. These materials have the potential to be a real lifesaver for professionals working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children across the country in a variety of settings."

"All of my first-grade students demonstrated marked improvement in the areas tested. When approaching a new related reading task, students demonstrated an ability to apply knowledge from the Between the Lions lessons."

"The materials were captivating and engaged my students. Students were especially motivated by the varied video presentations of the story and computer activities. The technology was a great asset. "

"I could see the teacher input that went into the development of the Guide. My students gained skills and confidence, and I developed and refined my teaching skills through this valuable experience."

"Your lesson plans were an excellent springboard for great ideas, and that skeleton of 'these are the words and these are the concepts' was absolutely very, very helpful."

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