Summative Evaluations/Impact Studies

Summative evaluation is a method of judging the worth of a product or program at the end of the program activities. It provides information about the product's or program’s efficacy -- its ability to do what it was designed to do.

  • PBS KIDS Mathematics Transmedia Suites in Preschool Families and Communities

    This quasi-experimental study explored the potential of four PBS KIDS transmedia suites to increase preschoolers’ mathematics skills and enhance their parents ability to support their children’s mathematics learning in the home environment.

  • Using a PBS KIDS Transmedia Math Supplement to Support Young Children’s Learning (EDC/SRI, 2013)

    This randomized controlled trial, explores how technology and PBS KIDS educational transmedia resources can enhance prekindergarten mathematics teaching and learning in preschools, especially those serving children from low-income families.