Implementation Evaluations

Implementation evaluations help us understand how well our projects are meeting their purpose and goals. They also help us understand how and why they are or are not achieving their desired effects. In conducting implementation evaluations, we identify best practices and lessons learned to help us (and others wishing to replicate our intervention) modify and improve upon what we are doing.

  • Study of PBS KIDS' and Chicago Public Schools’ Virtual Pre-K Ready for Math Program (WestEd, 2012)

    Evaluation of Chicago Public Schools’ Virtual Pre-K Ready for Math Program that Integrates PBS KIDS Lab Digital Math Content (WestEd, 2012) This mixed methods study looks at the Virtual Pre-K Ready for Math Program’s effectiveness with respect to preschool teachers’ and parents’ comfort with mathematics, use of digital media for education, and home-school engagement.

  • Ready To Learn Transmedia Demonstration Station Study (EDC/SRI, 2012)

    This study looks at how a sample of the Ready to Learn Transmedia Demonstration Stations, together with their local partners, implemented educational outreach activities in communities across the country where children, educators, and families used PBS KIDS transmedia content.