• August 13, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Wow!  I love to see this community helping each other out.

Special shout out to flash3145, phantom480kartkingdom8814Bradstormerblakri02, and CloudMaster1  for giving others tips about where to find the moon resource.  (If you missed it, go back to the Constellations blog post from yesterday!)

Now, I have another request!  If you are still having trouble finding moons because you don’t have enough resources, go Team Craft what you need.  Then, others in the Kingdom can share with you the resources they have.  Good friends help each other out!

Also, this is a picture I took from the Ready, Jet Go! Space Explorer App.   In Grand Glade, push the plunger to see the constellations, and then drive through the Kingdom until you locate Pegasus.  If you find it,  take a screenshot and post here!  (Ask your parents how to take a screenshot on your tablet or desktop computer if you need help!)



P.S.  Did you notice something interesting about the spaceship Gus is giving away?  It looks like it has no wheels, but it does.  The spaceship comes with invisible wheels 🙂