The Dream Karts!


Thank you everyone for your drawings! They were AMAZING — what a tough competition! Congratulations to wdsac154, pupluvr4evr, lehcar708 and alexi28! Their Karts were creative and fun, and can now be found in the Kingdom using these codes: DREAMDRAGON, DREAMPUPPY, and DREAMLIMO. Winners — check out the... read more

Spotlight: Teacup Kart

  • July 16, 2015
  • Comments : 719

Did you post a picture of your dream Kart yet? If not, be sure to do so by tomorrow! Here is me driving one of my favorite Karts. Interesting fact about the Teacup Kart: it can hold up to ten... read more

Draw Your Dream Kart!


Reporter K here, with a quick announcement! If you could design a Kart of your dreams to drive around Kart Kingdom, what would it look like? Show us your design and you may get it! When: July 9 – July 17,... read more