School’s Out for Summer!


Hi Friends, It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up, and it’s time for summer fun. I hoped you learned a lot this year in school and I can’t wait to see all my summertime friends in... read more

Happy Best Friends Day!


Hi Friends, Best Friends Day is today, June 8, 2018!  How can it be possible that you had this many creative ideas for this contest?   There were soooo many that we loved.  Congratulations to Bianca36244 & Cowonthemoon for the winning chips and... read more

Draw karts for BFF Day!


Hi Friends, Best Friends Day is coming up on June 8th! It’s been two years since we celebrated this day in the Kingdom and we think it’s time 🙂  We didn’t have the Kart Tool then so now you can... read more