• August 14, 2017
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Dear Friends,

I noticed some more friends helped others find the moon since I last posted.  Shout out to 10Dawson, emmaly23 and dragon70032 for helping out so even more friends could receive the spaceship and invisible wheels!    (If you missed them, don’t forget that Halloween is only a few months away. Now why do you think I would say that?)

So let’s talk Pegasus. As far as I can tell, these are the friends who have found Pegasus and posted about it: isabelle6517, alenamath, margaret123, matthaus101, Madisen1, 2081bugs, combsJMG, flash3145 & SweetStakes.  Way to go, Guys!

Let’s look for the constellation, Hercules in Kart Kingdom today.  Don’t forget to touch the plunger in Grand Glade so you can see the constellations.

Here’s a tip to help you:  Constellations look a little different depending on where you are when you look at them. So, look for the shape you see in the picture but remember it may be in a different position than it is in the picture. (You’ll notice this when you look for constellations in the sky near your house, too 🙂 )


P.S.  I couldn’t let this moment go by without saying an extra special shoutout to anao808 for being the first to post her amazing diagram, and dragon70032 and joey560292 for recognizing how cool her drawing is!  Now that the Ready Jet Go! Back to Bortron 7 movie is out today, I hope to see more people’s drawings of how Bortron 7 and Earth are same and different 🙂