Ask K Answers!

  • September 21, 2017
  • Comments : 1,229

Hi Friends,

Wow! You asked so many questions that it’s hard to get to all of them.  I picked out a bunch to answer this time. Thanks for playing!

  • How do I take photos and post them in the blog? (poprock272, lavendar709, 10whitedoves, amrita153)
    • We have a handy guide in our FAQ to help you with screenshots. If you’re using the Kart Kingdom App on your tablet, it might be a good idea to ask a grown-up for help figuring it out.
  • What does K stand for and where do you live? (hoho135833, animalluvin, phantom480, nunjitsu)
    • As dragon70032 said, it’s not safe to give out information that could help people find me in real life. In Kart Kingdom, we like everybody to be safe!
  • How do I get invisible wheels? (poprock272, hearts884, animalfood, 79ujmn, Podey, Blastoise234)
    • Halloween is right around the corner . . . 🙂
  • Did you dye your hair or is that it’s natural color? (whoareu)
    • Just like everyone in Kart Kingdom, I love mixing up my look. Maybe blue is just my favorite!
  • What is the next event? (queensacue, fluttershy54345)
    • Well listen here partners. I can’t rustle up too much information for ya.  Y’all will be back in the saddle soon.
  • How do I get my character in the blank face? (randomuser28, Blastoise234)
    • When you are a new user, your avatar is blank until your username is approved. If you are still having trouble, have your parent write PBS in  the Help Desk.
  • How do we get into Elwood? It seems to be missing. (yourself585, weirdo183)
    • As SirGawain8 said, Elwood will be back. We pull down servers every once in a while to make sure everything looks good!
  • How do you go to another world on the map? (jozel)
    • Well first things first, make sure you complete at least one quest in each world to unlock every Kart Kingdom location. Then you can use the map button at the top of your screen to visit every world in the Kingdom!
  • Can you make more worlds or lands? (angelinalyn, dylan12, soen99, kartkingdom8814, issydance, Sarah910124, hoho135833, djdj913, animalworld8, stargirl525, isav902, crazycup, 10whitedoves, phantom480, gabby101934, SweetStakes, lavender709, isav902, elks447, Marvelgirl71, xavier100100, rosa14106, orange125, hearts884, CutePetBot, blossom500411, 2leaksavege, sumairu123, PleaseKPleas, kfan424, AnswerK998, Reporter98, phantom480, princessluv213, yumms567, ninja01, isappington, Blastoise234)
    • That could be a possibility 😉