• August 15, 2017
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Hi Friends,

What a fun time we’ve been having!  I love seeing so many of you driving around in your spaceships, Capricorn karts and Jet Hair! 

Special shout out to yumms567, SirGawain8, wagon178, elks447, Margaret123, marin9, colerful, wolfpup4512, SweetStakes, SuperAli, JJsay1097, phantom480, CombJMG, sumairu123, Kitkat402 and lucky234 for finding Hercules, Pegasus or helping others earn the Capricorn kart yesterday.

Okay!  Next on the agenda!  (That’s a saying adults sometimes say at work.  Maybe your parents have said it?  Ask them what it means! )  Today is all about Aries. Can you find the constellation, Aries in the world now?

Also, don’t forget Gus needs stars for you to receive the Bortron 7 wheels.  You have been so great helping each other figure out how to find the different resources during the Jet event.  Keep it up!   Help others team craft, and help them find where they can get stars in the quests!



P.S.  A few of you have mentioned you were having trouble with your app.  I know the app is working really well for most kids so let’s figure out how to help you! Have your parents fill out this form, and tell us what tablet you use.