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It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide

Time Management

What kinds of things take up the kids’ time when they get home from school?
Chores; sports; homework; extra classes; music; dance; drama; religious instruction; appointments; youth organizations

What’s the good side to having such a full schedule of activities?
They’re happy with what they’re involved in; they don’t get bored

What’s the down side to it?
They feel overwhelmed or stressed out; they have no time for friends or other types of fun; they are busy all the time

How do the kids manage their time?
The write down assignments and commitments in a planner; they plan ahead for things coming up; they do homework in a particular order

Further Discussion:
One girl says that it’s important to keep some time that is not for scheduled activities. Do you agree? Why?

Further Discussion:
Do you prefer to spend most of your time in clubs and other activities; or do you like more free time to just do whatever? What would be a good balance for you?

Further Discussion:
Do you think that your school gives out too much work, just the right amount, or not enough? If you ran things, how much schoolwork would you give to kids?

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