PBS Kids GO! It's My Life

It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide

Gossip & Rumors

Why do people spread gossip and rumors?
To boost their own social status; to have something to talk about; to get attention; to try to be funny; for revenge

What strategies do the kids mention for dealing with gossip and rumors?
Donít make it worse by spreading it to others; try to find out if itís true; try to find out who started it and why; ignore it

Further Discussion:
Which of these strategies sounds the best to you? Why?

Further Discussion:
Whatís the craziest rumor or piece of gossip that ever circulated in your school or group of friends? What did you think when you first heard it? Why do you think people spread it around?

Further Discussion:
Do you think spreading gossip and rumors can be a form of bullying? Why or why not?

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