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It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide

Home Alone

What kinds of things made the kids worry about being home alone?
Fear of strangers; strange phone calls; frightening noises

What conflicts with sibs did the kids have when the parents werenít around?
Arguments about who is in charge; fights over the TV

According to the kids, what are the advantages to being home without parents?
Feeling independent; doing their own thing; bending the rules; eating and watching what they want

Further Discussion:
Do you think itís important for kids left home alone to have an emergency plan? Why or why not? What should be included in an emergency plan?

Further Discussion:
One boy mentioned that when heís home alone, heís not allowed to open the door for anyone. If you were a parent leaving a kid home alone, what rules would you make and why?

Further Discussion:
How old do you think a kid should be before a parent leaves him or her alone in the house? Why?

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