PBS Kids GO! It's My Life

It's My Life
Video Discussion Guide


What do the kids in the video list as causing their depression?
School problems; having something taken from them; rejection and other problems with crushes; loneliness; being betrayed by friends

Further Discussion:
Can you think of causes of depression that the students in the video did not list?

The kids list some differences between regular sadness and real depression. What are they?
Depression does not go away quickly but can stay for a long time; depression can change your attitude or personality; depression can make you feel like the whole world is against you; it can lead to a drop in school grades; it can make it hard to think clearly

Further Discussion:
Are you the type of person to keep quiet about being depressed, or would you probably tell someone about what you’re feeling? Which reaction would help you more? Why?

Further Discussion:
How would you react if you found out a friend were seriously depressed? Would you try to help? Would you talk to an adult about it? Why or why not?

Further Discussion:
What mental health resources are available for young people in your area? Would you know where to look for help if you or a friend were depressed?

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